G U I T A R  L E S S O N S

I love sharing the gift of music with people of all ages.  Since graduating college with a B.S. Degree in Classical Guitar,  I have enjoyed teaching students of all ages and levels from beginner to advanced.  It's very rewarding for me as an instructor to see students as they progress and how it builds their confidence and keeps them striving to become better each day.  Music is not only an inspiring medium but it's the universal healing language that is incredibly powerful.  Studying an instrument also helps students develop a great work ethic and discipline in all areas of life.

If you are interested in more information regarding guitar lessons please contact me at [email protected].  I am available to give lessons via SKYPE or in the Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC areas.  I have a great time with my students and I look forward to working with you sometime soon!

Check out some of my student testimonials!!

"I've been taking guitar lessons with Quinton for almost 8 months. When I started, I knew a few chords and could strum along with some songs. I've worked on several pieces and really stretched my learning. When I started lessons, I thought it'd be cool to take lessons from the guitarist in my favorite country band. That is extremely cool, but the part I really enjoy is learning that "stars" are regular people that are just great at what they do. Every lesson he challenges me with something new to learn. I look forward to it every week and the value of having face-to-face interaction is well worth the cost."

- Phil (Toledo, OH)


Quinton Gibson is a ROCKSTAR!  That much is apparent as soon as you watch him play his guitar.  But way more than that is overwhelming passion for his talent and passing along that passion to his students no matter what their age!  When you meet Quinton face-to-face (or through SKYPE), it is nearly overwhelming to hear about his experiences and travels during his career.  Our 13-year-old daughter had been playing guitar for a short while when Quinton came into our lives and took over as her teacher.  He certainly showed her the importance of learning classical guitar as well as still being able to sit down and rock a song!  These are lessons she will have for a lifetime and and we are thankful for that!"

- Paige (Charlotte, NC)


"I've really enjoyed my lessons with Q.  I appreciate his patience with me a total beginner.  I had never considered taking lessons via SKYPE until I had met Quinton in person and we discussed how easily this could be done.  It doesn't matter whether he's at home or on the road we have been able to do lessons all over the map.  I'd highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Keith (Los Angeles, CA)


"Quinton is an awesome guitar teacher!  We have been taking lessons with him for a while now and it's been blast!  He always makes lessons fun for his students which makes learning the guitar a lot easier.  He's patient, encouraging, and always available to answer questions.  If you want to learn guitar, Quinton is definitely the best!"

- Steph and Nicole (Baltimore, MD)


"Our son Jacob has been taking lessons from Quinton for a year and a half now.  The progress that Quinton has made with Jacob is amazing.  Jacob went from not knowing anything about guitar to now reading and playing music.  He has ignited this love of music in our son!  Quinton has become an inspiration for Jacob and to inspire a 13 year old speaks volumes.  He is such an outstanding teacher and person"

- Heather (Statesville, NC)